Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday LOGAN!

So there is this boy... he's pretty special to me. It's my littlest brother, Logan. Today he is turning a special age. He's getting out of pre-teen and is now officially a teenager... WOAH. I still think he's 5 sometimes. ;) I love him to pieces. 

13 Things I love about Logan:

1. He's super creative! I love seeing all the different superheros he thinks of and draws. He even makes me comic books sometimes!
2. He loves to laugh and that laugh is pretty infectious. 
3. We can watch digimon, pokemon, and any other "nerdy" movies together and be totally cool with it. Isn't is awesome-on?? 
4. He'll take pictures with me (see above) and he makes cute faces. lol 
5. He makes a wonderful friend. He's always thoughtful of his friends and is constantly doing nice things for them, or at least has intentions to do so. 
6. How tough he is. Grow up with 3 older brothers and you learn pretty fast. This kid is one tough cookie... usually. ;)
7. His movies. They're pretty awesome. Chinamonkk67. Go look him up on Youtube. 
8. His creative words. Like "obl-awesome". Making up words with him is super fun.
9. All of our inside jokes that siblings have. OHMYGOSH!! ITSNEILPATRICKHARRIS!!
10. Drawing with him. I refuse to draw for him because I know his enormous potential. :)
11.Listening to rock music together. He's pretty chill with country too sometimes. :P

And the last reason?
13. Because he's family and I'm stuck with him for the eternities. And I'm just fine with that. :)


Just another "I LOVE my brothers LIKE CRAZY" moment. :D

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I see you drivin' round town with the girl I love...

Lately there have been some video spoofs to the song "forget you". Me and my roommates have had quite the time laughing at these. I thought I should share the love...
This one is our favorite. For obvious reasons. 
There is also a tribute to my favorite series. 

I was quite happy to see this one too. :) That's two for Disney!
Hope that at least one could get you to at least crack a smile. 
Just another "Me and my roommates are Crazy!" moment. :D