Saturday, October 29, 2011

Free as We'll Ever Be

During my adventure to New York, I was fortunate to visit Gettysburg and the memorial there. We viewed a show about what went down in that historic place (narrated by Morgan Freeman none the less!). We also saw the Cyclorama. For those of you who've never seen one or heard of one, its a painting of the battle of Gettysburg that is displayed on the walls of a circular room with a viewing platform in the middle of the room. It's kind of hard to explain but it was pretty amazing. Above are some of the scenes from the Cyclorama. It was pretty amazing how detailed the whole thing was. It was incredible and kind of inspiring.

Continuing on, here are some more pictures from the museum. Enjoy!

I'm on a Horse

History is sometimes interesting to learn about from a book, but to see it for yourself is always a better learning model for me. It was incredible to learn about this pivotal moment in history. All the brave men who fought for what they believed in. All the loved one's who may have never seen their soldier again after this battle. The inspiration one man provided in a short and sweet speech that has made history. I now have a new appreciation for the sacrifice made and the history that happened on that ground. It inspired me to stand and fight for my values in today's world. It also inspired me to look for my ancestors here and maybe others who may have fought in other wars. So be on the lookout for future posts on that. :)

Lovin' Like Crazy the History I learned at Gettysburg.

Friday, October 28, 2011

These are some good times, so take a good look around...

I went to a magical place this week. 
I rode a magic carpet all the way to New York (sorta)! Once I was there, I was greeted by  Queen Katie, Ruler of the Maxwell house. We then rode in her carriage to pick up her princesses and prince from school where we rejoiced upon seeing each other. :D

During the week we participated in amazing adventures. Princess Emma and I decided to carve a pumpkin for a pumpkin walk. Thinking and thinking of what to carve we came up with the brilliant idea to  carve (you guessed it) a PRINCESS! But not just any princess. Rapunzel. This picture is the scene we carved out but with more floating lights. We had to use some serious fairy magic to pull it off. I would have a picture of the pumpkin but my camera was out of commission. ANYWAYS. It turned out amazing! 

During the week I also spent time waking up for breakfast dates, playing trains, doing math problems, and enjoying Psych episodes with the princes and princesses of the Maxwell household. I also helped out in Prince Ian's kindergarten class. This solidified that I LOVE TEACHING!

When the weekend came, the Queen, princesses and I embarked on a quest to attend a Royal Ball (Time Out for Women) in Richmond, VA. We rode for hours and even stopped in the wonderful Chocolate World! It was amazing and smelled and tasted WONDERFUL! We enjoyed a ride depicting how chocolate was made, filled with singing cows, heated tunnels, and the enticing smell of chocolate. 
We continued our adventure and traveled through vast lands like Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. However we encountered severe traffic in Washington D.C.. We almost perished from the amount of waiting BUT we prevailed (2 hours later) and made it to the ball in time to hear the FABULOUS Jenny Oaks Baker perform Disney songs and the INSPIRING Virginia Peirce speak on Mothers.

We made it to our Princess suite where the princesses and I decided that we deserved a soak in the hotel hot tub. And it was heavenly!
The day was filled with wonderful speakers and entertainment! There was so much I learned, there will have to be a separate post about the event. For now, know it was truly inspiring

The next day we attended the rest of the Royal Ball. The princesses went to Time Out for Girls while the Queen and I attended Time Out for Women. Upon entering the room a woman asked "Are you a grown up?". Someday this looking way younger than I really am will pay off...
When the weekend was over we journeyed back to Victor and attended a Sacrament Meeting in Maryland where we saw this super cute princess in the making with a big pink puff ball headband and pink tutu skirt. I also sang hymns in espanol (spanish)! Afterwords we traveled farther and stopped in Gettysburg (which will also need a separate post). We finally made it home and, worn out from the days travels, slept quite soundly. 

QUICK EXPLANATION: Emma and I thought this was funny because
 if they had to make a sign for this, apparently it has happened before...
As my trip was coming to a close, the Queen and I had a surprise for the princesses of the house. During the past week they were not permitted to enter their room. Queen Katie and I were working hard, painting, shopping, moving furniture, and putting up decorations for the girls new room (again another separate post... there will be lots in the near future!). We surprised them greatly when they were able to step in their new room

Then, with a heavy heart, the princesses, the queen, and I made our way to the magic carpet station (airport). Where we waved goodbye as I made it through security (to me that's always the most stressful part!!). I was walking to my gate, thinking of how much I will miss them, when I looked up to see the three of them again, waving and blowing kisses behind a glass wall. I smiled, returned the kisses and kept going, knowing that although we would be far apart, I would always have the memories I made with them in my heart. 

It's amazing how people can change our lives, and even more amazing how much better we are just from knowing them. I'm so thankful for the week I got to spend with them and I hope they know just how amazing they are. 

Just another Love Like Crazy week for me!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to... ME!

Wednesday was a day that I celebrated 20 years of being alive. In true Madi fashion, I went to the coast! It was even a beautiful day with sunshine and blue skies!

I had some fun with my cousin and her friend too!


There were piggy-back rides, jelly fish, starfish, and sand sculptures that made my beach experience all the more enjoyable! 

Alexis almost fell off her friend so she decided she could do it better. Love my cousin! And there's the pink stripe. Not so scary now. 
 Pretty Purple! And that thing near her tongue? It's a jellyfish. It looks like she licked it huh?


Its and old school CD player if you didn't guess.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I give you... (pause for effect) THE SUNSET PICTURES.

Needless to say, I had a wonderful birthday. :) It was just another Love Like Crazy day. 


We went to a store to get hair dye for my cousin (Alexis) and she spotted something she decided I must have. Pink dye. 

Now don't freak out.  This is not the end of the story obviously.

Alexis and I get everything set up in my bathroom. We're doing her hair first. I've got the gloves and she's got the dye. As we get along she starts to realize that the color she picked out is a little dark... ok, it was a lot of dark. 

Next was me. After bleaching and dyeing, I looked in the mirror and realized that it was PINK. REALLY PINK. After taking a few breaths in and out I remembered that it was not permanent. So don't worry people. It's cute for now but won't last. Unless I get a lot of compliments... then it might stay for a little bit. :)
Just another What are you Crazy?? Moment.