Saturday, October 29, 2011

Free as We'll Ever Be

During my adventure to New York, I was fortunate to visit Gettysburg and the memorial there. We viewed a show about what went down in that historic place (narrated by Morgan Freeman none the less!). We also saw the Cyclorama. For those of you who've never seen one or heard of one, its a painting of the battle of Gettysburg that is displayed on the walls of a circular room with a viewing platform in the middle of the room. It's kind of hard to explain but it was pretty amazing. Above are some of the scenes from the Cyclorama. It was pretty amazing how detailed the whole thing was. It was incredible and kind of inspiring.

Continuing on, here are some more pictures from the museum. Enjoy!

I'm on a Horse

History is sometimes interesting to learn about from a book, but to see it for yourself is always a better learning model for me. It was incredible to learn about this pivotal moment in history. All the brave men who fought for what they believed in. All the loved one's who may have never seen their soldier again after this battle. The inspiration one man provided in a short and sweet speech that has made history. I now have a new appreciation for the sacrifice made and the history that happened on that ground. It inspired me to stand and fight for my values in today's world. It also inspired me to look for my ancestors here and maybe others who may have fought in other wars. So be on the lookout for future posts on that. :)

Lovin' Like Crazy the History I learned at Gettysburg.

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