Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is Halloween

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I'm pretty sure it is my favorite holiday. Here's my reasoning:
10.You get to dress up and no one looks at you funny.
9.All the superheros, princesses, wizards, animals, and other awesome creatures come out for a day!
8.Scary pranks are hilarious and acceptable. 
7.Your cheese sticks are now breaded fingers, olives are bat heads, and other foods now have creepy names. 
6.Mom makes spider hot dogs and chili. YUM!
5.We also make our Frankenstein Head out of rice crispy treats. YUM!
4.Cute kids in cute costumes coming to your door saying "Twick or Tweat!"
3.Complete strangers in costumes give you candy.
2.Watching scary movies is done while eating that candy you got from that stranger and in your costume.
and the # 1 thing I love about Halloween is...
We always do the coolest pumpkins on the block. I don't remember ever doing a simple jack-o-lantern face EVER. It seemed the more intricate, the better. We do use stencils but I'm down to drawing what I want because I can't find the stencils for it.
Last year I made one awesome pumpkin that I don't think I'll ever top. Here is a picture of Morph from 2010.

This year I actually had a bit of trouble deciding what to do. But after searching for a while I came upon a pumpkin that I thought was too cute to pass up! It reminded me of my Aunt Cami and her little boys. Read further to find out what I picked! :)

 The boys are all making their pumpkins. Carson hard at work and Brady glaring at the camera as usual. You can kinda see my picture but not all the way... Logan is working on his flaming car (or flaming hovercraft as I called it) and Dad Is carving his Cardinals sign out. 
  From right to left: Carson's Atomic sign, Dad's Cardinal's Logo, Jeremy's Skull, Logan's flaming Car/Hovercraft, Brady's Beach, and Mine. Can you guess what it is?

 It's Toothless the Dragon! It's so cute I couldn't resist! So this one's for you Colton, Carter, and Spencer!

 I also had another project come my way. My Aunt Roxy decided to give me her pumpkin because she didn't want to carve it and knew how much I loved to carve them. She told me it was an 80 lb pumpkin and I couldn't resist the challenge! I thought of the brilliant idea to celebrate the last Harry Potter Movie being made this year with a wizard duel. Most of the time was spent on gutting the pumpkin. The design was easy enough. I also had some help from my friend. Below is the finished product!

I love pumpkin carving. 
Just another Love Like Crazy moment. Happy (late) Halloween!

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