Sunday, November 13, 2011

Every Mile a Memory...

Today I decided to go through my scrap booking stuff because my Mom's craft room is finally usable (after maybe 14+ hours of cleaning)!! HUZZAH! As I was sorting through notes, programs, tickets, pictures, quotes, handouts, and other random things I have collected these past years, I happened upon some pretty interesting and funny stuff! Here are some of my favorite finds:

I was sorting through notes from Girl's Camp when I was a Camp Leader. I had made a box where the girls could put in notes for other girls, random jokes (cause I like silly jokes), and shout outs. Some of the jokes I found were pretty funny and a lot of the notes I kept were super cute and made me feel better. BUT. There was one note I found that was the only one to make me actually laugh out loud. It read:
"Madi, I drooled on your pillow. <3 ya!"
I don't know who it was (or which year it was either) but I do know I was thankful for the laugh. So, thank you mysterious girl who played a prank on me. 
At least I hope it was a prank...

    Continuing on through my pile of "memories", I noticed a handout that I had gotten from a Youth Activity. The laurels were all sitting in a circle on a blanket outside. Sister Boinay placed a colorful gift bag in the middle. She informed us that the bag was filled with different candies. Each candy represented a different type of guy (because that's all that girls think about at age 16: Guys and chocolate). Each of us went around the circle and blindly chose our candies. Some got "Big Hunks" who ended up being hot baseball players that weren't active and others got "Snickers" who ended up being sarcastic guys who put them down. When it was my turn, I reached in the bad and pulled out a candy, immediately blushing. Mine said "Kissables". All the girls giggled. However, when I read the description of my guy, the giggles quickly turned into "AWWWW"s. Want to know what it said?
"Kissables: This guy wasn't the cutest guy you dated, but he was the most fun. He never took you out to dinner and a movie. He was too creative for that. He proposed to you when you were eating a candlelight dinner on a road median. You found the ring underneath your Washington DC Temple-shaped strawberry shortcake (where you later married---in the temple, not the cake!) He even brought along some ring cleaner so it wouldn't be sticky when he slipped it on your finger. He says he wants 15 kids. You joke with him that you'll have the first 8 and he can have the rest. He's fun to tease and joke around with. He giggles if you make him laugh really hard. You're not rich but you get by on his salary."
    It's kinda silly, but there are definatly some attributes that I look for that are similar to that guy. I like his creativity, thoughtfulness, a giggler (guys are funny when they giggle!) but most importantly, I love that he can take me to the temple. I also don't mind if I'm not rich. So thank you Sister Boinay for the fun activity and fun memory!

Last favorite find was another handout that I found that was also about guys. We made a list of attributes of what a worthy guy was. My first attribute was: Smiles a lot. I thought that interesting considering my taste in guys. Definatly still one of my number one attributes I'm lookin' for. Yeah that's all on that one.

Just some more Love Like Crazy memories. 

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