Sunday, November 13, 2011

Prayer is like a little seed...

I love this picture. It reminds me of when I was little.
    This last week as I was working at my endeavor to be more courageous, I learned something. I'm going to need more than a week. So, this next week's courageous attribute to work on is: PRAYER! :) But I will say that this past week has helped and made me realize a lot of things about me. Some of it I already knew but apparently needed to be reminded of. This may seem a bit personal to you but I'll say it in hopes that maybe there are others like me. 
    First, I learned right off the bat something that I've known for a while. Satan does NOT want me to pray. He wants me to think I'm not good enough to pray, it won't matter if I miss a prayer, or I don't have anything good to say. Sometimes it's hard to remember that none of that is true. But that's part of the learning process. 
   Next, I noticed something about me. I don't like to say my prayers out loud. I don't like the sound of my voice actually and even though it's a very silly reason, it still hinders me none the less. I noticed (and have noticed this before) that not saying it out loud makes it a little harder to concentrate on what I'm praying if I'm just thinking it. One day I remembered a Sunday School lesson on prayer. I remembered the teacher saying "You need to pray out loud... Heavenly Father wants to hear your voice." I like thinking about that. Some all-powerful being in heaven wants to hear my voice. So this next week I'll be saying my prayers out loud, remembering that He wants to listen to me. 
    Last, and most classic realization of all: My day doesn't go nearly as well if I forget to pray. Plain and simple. Pray = Good day. I'll wake up on time, I'll be more productive during the day, I make better choices. It's like the people who wouldn't look at the snake to be healed because it was too simple. Silly right? So is not praying and thinking I'm going to be fine.
    There was a talk I read on prayer by Richard G. Scott that I liked a lot. I actually first read it because I thought it said supernatural gift not supernal gift. Upon looking up the definition of supernal(celestial; of exceptional quality), I found that it is even better than any supernatural gift! The talk is called "Using the Supernal Power of Prayer". I liked the back to basics feel of it and loved the information that I either learned or was reminded of. It seemed to answer all my concerns I had with prayer. I highly recommend it. 
Just another Love Like Crazy moment.  

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