Thursday, November 3, 2011

This One's for the Girls

A few posts ago I mentioned that I surprised Emma and Allegra with a newly decorated room. And now I'm showing ya'll the transformation! This is what I started with... boring, boring, and more boring.

They had a few starter ideas (if you can notice the yellow on the walls in one picture) but nothing really felt right. SO, I was called on and was very excited to make this room EXCITING.
All we had to go off of was a deep purple duvet cover and two posters with two seemingly different color schemes. We had our work cut out for us. But if you know me at all, I'm always up for the challenge. 

First we decided to pick a wall color. Home Depot was quite an adventure. First the color matching machine decided it didn't like me or Katie and froze on us. We didn't break it, promise!! After some help from a nice gentleman, trying to choose between what seemed like millions of options, and being mistaken as Katie's daughter (again), we finally made it out with what we were told was an "elegant" color. We were happy with it but also a bit nervous because of the boldness of the color. 

Next we looked for storage. We looked at multiple stores but mostly just came up empty handed. IKEA needs to open a store in Rochester. Just sayin'. We didn't get the storage that week but Katie will inform me when they do get it. 
Then we found little things. Like baskets, a mirror flowers, a vase, wall decorations, frames, and two lamps. It was time to put everything together.

So we painted the room the elegant color, spray painted other things like my hand, and put together all the little decorations. All the while, the girls had no idea what was really going on in their room. We told them it was bright orange with a pumpkin face on one of the walls. hehe. We're so devious. 

Finally we were ready to unveil it. We closed the door and I was ready with the camera. The girls opened the door. And this is what they saw:

Aren't these the CUTEST?
Ben helped shape the flower formation on the wall, and take the cool flower picture below. The picture of Ester and Emma were our beginning inspiration. If you can't tell the wall color is a soft purple. Kind of like lavender.  

 You can also see the purple duvet cover. Katie also made (she's the seamstress queen I've decided) these GORGEOUS silver pillows. Her secret? Curtain fabric from Target. Yeah, didn't see that coming did you? Maybe you did but I didn't.
I loved helping redecorate the girls room and I also enjoyed the time I spent learning new skills and getting to know my dear friend Katie. 

Just another I Love you girls Like Crazy moment. 

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