Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 110: Juntos por Siempre

Lazy Sundays like today have become days that I actually really enjoy. Being able to go to my ward in the morning, come home to my sisters still in their pajamas, and sit and read a good chunk of the Book of Mormon in Spanish, is what I would call a very relaxing day and an opportunity to ponder... A lot.

Lately, I have not been able to get a certain hymn out of my head. It has significance to current situations but I just didn't know why it was this particular song. Well today I figured out how to get it out (not that I don't like hymns in my head, I'm just making room for a new one to obsess about). I often get these feelings like I need to write. Mostly when that happens, I wrote songs. Today in church, I wrote some of a new arrangement to the hymn "Families Can be Together Forever". The actual music is still in the works but I can at least provide the lyrics:

I have a family here on earth
They are so good to me
I want to share my life with them
For all eternity

Families can be together forever
Through Heavenly Father's plan
I always want to be
With my own family
And The Lord has shown me how I can
The Lord has shown me how I can

I have a family (I have a family)
Not always close to me (always close to me)
I know that heaven holds for us (heaven holds for us)
A grand eternity

Families can be together forever
Through Heavenly Father's plan
We're always going to be
With our own family
And The Lord has shown us how we can
The Lord has shown us how we can

The lyrics aren't changed much, but I added a little verse. You really can't mess too much with already perfect lyrics. So far, I like it... Kinda. I don't really love my work till its done.

So I've reflected a lot on the concept of eternal families. It's a very unique concept to my religion. A promise that you and your family will be together in heaven is very reassuring in a world that would try to make me think otherwise. Life will throw curveballs at you, and some of those balls may even hit and bruise you. In the end, it doesn't really matter all too much when all that really mattered is in heaven with you.

Being away from family is a little difficult for me at the moment, but I know I'm not really that far away because I'm always there in spirit. My prayers go out to them in their moment of trial and uncertainty. My family reminds me of a scripture in 1 John 4:18.
"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear..."
Fearless people are not the people who aren't afraid of anything. They are the people who love and know the right things, and therefore have nothing to fear. I have many fearless family members who have shown their courage. I hope I can have a family of my own that loves as fearlessly as they do.

Here's to families that stick together. Cause we're stuck together no matter what. ;)

I love (and miss) my family like crazy.

Ps: the pic is to show my feast after the fast... Nothing like a good book and a signature Miller grilled cheese sandwich on a lazy Sunday like this. Mom, your sandwiches are still superior tasting, but I tried. ;)

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