Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 108: Pan y Mi Villano Favorito

Guess what? IT'S FRIDAY!
No this is not actually me, but I totally wish it was. Anyways. 

Today was a great morning cause we got to go and make... 


Ok, so that's not as exciting as it sounds, but honestly, you've heard me rant about the bread here being so good, it shouldn't surprise anyone that I was excited to make it. 

From Left to Right: Alfredo, (Can't remember), Martin
Originally, we tried to go to one of the higher end stores that are more industrialized. They said no to letting us watch though. Boo, you. That's ok though cause we ended up going to our usual little family owned shop. They were nice enough to show us how it's done.

There is a giant mixer hidden in that left hand corner where they mix their ingredients. Yeast, flour, sugar, some other ingredient that I can't remember.... but all in all, simple ingredients. The secret actually isn't in the dough though. 

It's in the oven. El horno leyna (I think that's how you spell leyna).  This kind of oven mostly looks like a pizza oven to me, and is only used in the small family owned businesses. That's why they taste so much better. They let the dough rise for 2 hours, then stick it in the horno for 15 minutes. It was pretty hot. I could feel the heat from where I was standing with my camera. 

After their quick explanation, he handed us a chunk of dough. This is when things got fun. We rolled the dough on the huge cutting board, put some butter on the pan and on top of the bread, and then squished the top layer on that, either in chocolate or vanilla. Of course, I chose chocolate. After squishing the dough, we took this metal thing that has the conch design on it and pressed that into the dough. Woo, done!

 Totally looks professional right? Yeah. Now all we had to do was wait and come back later. 

Fast forward to 2 in the afternoon. 

We went back and were so excited to see our beautiful creations!
And they tasted wonderful! I don't always like conchs but when they're fresh baked, they're pretty darn good. 

After this yummy bread, we decided to watch a well loved movie. Despicable Me! I love this movie a lot. It's got some of my favorite quotes in there. 


"Let's go destroy another game!"

"Aww, my catipillar didn't turn into a butterfly!"
"That's a cheeto."

"He punched my shark!"
"(insert anything the minions do or say)"

It's a great movie to brighten anyone's day. Feeling sad? Go watch this movie. Or Megamind. Or any Disney movie ever. Go ahead. Do it. You'll feel better, I promise. 

So far, a pretty good Friday if I do say so myself. :)

Just lovin' life like crazy.

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