Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 102: Weekend Overview Part 1

This weekend, there were 5 of the teachers that decided to go to Mexico City. I was a little leery of the idea at first but they convinced me to go. The huge reason for going? The temple. Remember that post I made where I mentioned the story of my brother being the awesome example and at great lengths going to the temple? Well, it was making me feel like if I didn't make the same effort, I'd kick myself later. So I went to Mexico City.

Our trip started out just fine. A little late getting out but fine. We were about to squish into a pickup truck. All five American girls, two children, their parents, and their grandma. As five of us squished into the extended cab part, the mom says, "Oh we're not all going to fit?" hahahaha No. So we ended up taking two cars. Which was fine and definatly more roomy.

Driving along, we got to see the active volcano located in Puebla. We were informed of the legend that goes with it too! Apparently, there were two volcanoes in love. One of the volcanoes was the daughter of the King. He didn't want them to be together so he killed her. There is a volcano that appears to be "kneeling" representing the man who lost his love. Sad story. But interesting.

It was getting late and we were starting to worry if the temple would be open or not. If it wasn't, I would've been kinda devastated. However, it was thankfully open! We were able to do a session of baptisms, enjoying the spirit in the temple. I actually had a little flashback while waiting for my turn. I remembered the day that Chandler, Brady, and I all went to the temple. It was Brady's first time. I remember watching him and thinking how awesome it was that we were all there as siblings. In that moment, as in many little moments of my life, I was very thankful for my brothers. I always am, there are just moments where I remember it.
Sometimes life will throw you strange curves and it can in turn throw you off balance. At the beginning of this trip, I felt like that a little. Going to the temple though is more peaceful than any yoga, relaxation, anything that I've ever experienced. They say that to get out of your problems, you need to get out of yourself and serve other people. It definatly works wonders. I'm thankful for Temples all over the world. I'm convinced they are all put in places where they are most needed. Good thing that there are still more being built cause I think every city deserves their own little piece of heaven on earth. I'm glad I followed my brother's example and got myself up there. Thanks Chanoodles. ;)

After a terribly uncomfortable taxi ride (never try to fit 5 people for more than a 5 minute drive) we went to our hotel. 

At this point, we all realized that we were famished. It was time to scavenge for food. We didn't get very far though because it was actually really chilly outside! So we settled for Burger King. 

Lucky for us, we were able to have a pretty good laugh while eating pretty mediocre food. We found Messi, a famous soccer player here, and Cassie found a new man in her life. Way to aim high girl!

After our meal, we headed back up, grabbing some popcorn on the way, to watch a movie. We ended up watching:

An entertaining version of Romeo and Juliet. 

I have to laugh inside at this story. Honestly, I couldn't fall in love with someone in a day, marry them the next, and then kill myself over them a few days later. Nope. It seems... a tad overly dramatic. Which is what the story is. 

However, I do think Mercutio is the one character that I could get worked up about their death. He's an intriguing character. 

And that was our adventure on Saturday. 
Love the temple like crazy.

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