Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 84: Kids are funny

Kids in general say the darndest things. Kids here are no different. I've kept a little log of my favorite quotes from my kids. Looking back on them though, they're mostly funny in the moment. But I'll share anyways. 

Sometimes, the kids realize that there are certain english sayings, but they still don't quite know how to use them. So I end up with a comment like this: 
"What did you eat? A lion or something??" Apparently, they thought I was being grumpy that day... or maybe they thought I had a big lunch. Nonetheless, it made it onto my list. And makes me smile. Another one I have is, "Kid: You look like a whale. Me: I look like a whale?! Kid: No! You sound like a whale." I'm ok with the second I guess. 

Sometimes, they will say things during games that will completely take us by surprise. Miss Cassie once had a child stand up and say "IN YOUR FACE!" after winning a game of Go Fish. We couldn't stop laughing about it. Another one of my favorites was a child who yelled "Yerhaw!!" Being the country girl I am, I was proud of whatever or whoever taught them that one. 

Sometimes, they'll do funny things. In order to get something they wanted, one of the girls said to the other boys, "Do the face!" in which they proceeded to throw "the face". It kind of backfired because 1) the face doesn't really work on me in the first place and 2) I busted up laughing and busted out my camera instead of catering to their wishes. 
Of course, one of them had to through in the devil horns. They like to do that. 

Then earlier in the day we decided to play a game that is very awesome and I don't know why I haven't done this before. 

Ninja Destroyer!! I love this game and not to brag or anything, I'm pretty good at it. Miss Kaylie, Allen, and Jesus were very worthy ninja opponents. Miss Kaylie defeated me with a swift attack from behind as I was trying to defeat Allen (who didn't quite get the concept yet). Good one. 

Last funny thing is actually in spanish. My little host sister is 4 and so she is at the age of saying funny things just because her voice is so cute. We stopped for hot dogs and when they gave her the hot dog, she looked at it and exclaimed in her chipmunk voice, "Que es eso??" (What is this?) as if she's never seen a hot dog before. It was too cute and the whole family started laughing. I love moments like those. When something happens and everyone just starts laughing. 

I love funny children's quotes like crazy. I gotta remember to write them all down. 

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