Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 100: Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 100, seriously?? That's nuts to me. I've said it before, I'll say it again, time flies so stinkin fast!

Well, today is Thanksgiving as well as the 100th day that I've spent in Mexico. Perfect timing, verdad? 

As with every Thanksgiving, there is good food that is shared with friends and family. My immediate family is not actually here with me, but in spirit. I've also got good friends that I've made down here to keep the holiday spirit alive. 

Along with friends and good food, I am able to reflect of the things that I'm thankful for. 

I'm thankful for Beaches. It's a place where joy and peace come together for me. I can surf, play, be with family, as well as reflect quietly and peacefully. Maybe I'm am a little obsessed, but there's always something in everyone's life that they obsess about. 

I'm thankful for music. Music can express your feelings when simple words just don't work. It can lift you up, let your old feelings go, and bring back good memories.Concerts go up there not really because of the people I get to see perform, but the people I spend them with. Family, friends. They're what make the experiences fun and memorable. 

I'm thankful for books. Books like Harry Potter, Redwall, Secrets of Droon, Series of Unfortunate Events, The Time Machine, random books suggested by friends, books in general. The feeling of getting sucked into a book is one of my favorite feelings. My future house will most definatly have a library. 

I'm thankful for my education. Not everyone gets the opportunity to go to college due to different circumstances. Lucky for me, so far I've been able to get my Associates, and keep going onto a Bachelors. I may even keep going to a Masters... maybe a Doctorate... Dr. Miller sounds pretty good right? I would totally have people address me as Dr. all the time. Nevertheless, I'm thankful that I even have the option of achieving these things in my lifetime.

I'm thankful for Mexico. The experience, the culture, my host family, my kids, my friends, all of it. It's been the adventure of a lifetime, and I've loved it all like crazy! 
I'm thankful that I got brothers. 
A family that plays together, stays together.

I'm even thankful for crazy extended family.

I'm thankful for shared interests.

Like food.

And making funny faces. 
My Mamma! 
Me and Dad, doing what we do best together. 

I'm thankful for lots of things, but my family is always something I will be most thankful for. It's hard to be away from them during this holiday season, but I definatly haven't stopped thinking of them. I love my family like crazy. 

This, and many more things I'm thankful for. I love it all like crazy!

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