Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 88: Cactus, Bridges, and Food

Every Friday, we go on these mini adventures with a lady who is our culture teacher. This Friday, we went to a cactus garden. It was pretty much the most Cactuses... Cacti? that I've ever seen in my life. 

After this lovely adventure, we got ready for teaching. Today's science lesson was Bridges: Build 'em and Destroy 'em. 

This kid was funny trying to break mine. I asked him if he wanted to karate chop it. What little kid wouldn't? So he tried, and it was hilarious. 

Cute kid. Later, I taught them Gangnam Style. No. There's no video of that. It's actually really exhausting to do for an entire song. Go figure.

After all the teaching was done, we went out for a pre-celebration of Sophia's birthday. When you've spent, 3 months in a city, you get to learn some of the places to stay away from, and places to visit frequently. That night, we decided to find our favorite street vendors. OK, now before you all start freaking out, no, no one got sick from it. It is actually ok to eat some of the street vendor food. You see it being made right in front of you so it's actually pretty easy to tell what would be good and what wouldn't be. 

Best Taco Stand

Gorditas de Nata
Here's to turning 21 in Mexico! Unsheathe your Fried Corn!

Pretty good Friday, if I do say so myself. Gotta love the cacti, kids, and street food like crazy. 

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