Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 89: Happy Birthday Sophia!

Sorry these posts are a little backwards. At least I'm getting all caught up.

We were excited to celebrate Sophia's 21st birthday! We ate cake....

Mordida! Mordida!

We've gotten really good at finishing entire cakes....
It was very delicious. 

After stuffing ourselves with cake, we headed out to San Lorenzo (little neighboring town) and chilled out at the pool. It was very relaxing... except the taxi ride there, in which we shoved 6 people into one taxi. 

I hope she had fun on her special day! 

Later, I got another funny child quote for the day. Leslie, Camila, and I were going to a movie and we were telling Camila that she had to stay with me. I was wearing my spiderman shirt so I told her, "Stay with spiderman!" to which she replied, "No eres spiderman!" (Oh it gets better). Few seconds later her parents were confirming that she understood who to stay with. She pointed to me and I asked her, "What's my name? Cual es mi nombre?" and she replied, "Spiderman". We all bust up laughing it was too cute. 

Love Mexico Like Crazy

PS: saw Wreck it Ralph in Spanish. It's cute. I like it. I'm going to have quite the list of movies I will want to see in English when I get back. 

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