Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 81: Adios Taxco, Hola Cuernavaca!

Our last morning in the Monastery was a good one. Good breakfast with Pan de Muertos (Dead Bread) which is really good, and a request I don't think they'll soon forget. 
After we ate, we asked the nuns if we could buy their blankets. They laughed at our strange requests but sold them nonetheless. They said they cost extra because they are blessed. SO, we got blessed blankets from a monastery! They're wool, but they're super soft, which is rare in a wool blanket. Score!

Oh, and a cow while we were waiting for the Kombi. Yeah, countryside! Run, Cow, Run!

Then it was off to Cuernavaca! Unfortunately, I didn't take as many pictures. There wasn't as much to see but there was quite a bit to do!

There was a car show going on in the center, which was cool! 
I also made some kids day because I wore my spider man shirt to the market. He was really cute when he saw my shirt and started saying to his friend, "Mira! Mira! Aren~a-Hombre!" Too cute. 
We also went to go see Hotel Transylvania. It was super cute and I definitely want to go see it in English when I get home. :)

After that, we wandered in the center, finding food, when me and Janessa found hula hoops! I had so much fun that I didn't notice my iPod had dropped. Next thing I knew, a man behind me was trying to hand me an iPod with a cracked screen... Oops! It still works, but I'll definitely be trying to find a way to fix it...

When we came back to our Hostel, a cat decided that they wanted to chill with us for a bit. It was so pretty and fluffy, I just wanted to take it home with me!

And then it was time to sleep. Church and travel was in the morning. Whew! Vacay can sometimes take the energy right out of you, verdad (right)? 
Still, love it all like crazy!

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