Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 46: Oaxaca {wuh-ha-ka}

After having a fantastic birthday {I'd share the details but I don't have pics and I was sworn to secrecy ;) } the teacher's and I woke up early to go on a stake temple trip to the Oaxaca Temple. 
5:30 is the earliest I think I've ever woken up to go to the temple. Will tell you now though, SO worth it. I will also tell you now, for those of you who aren't LDS (AKA Mormons), some of the terminology I use will not be familiar. If you have any questions let me know. Back to the story...

This temple was actually a lovely surprise for me. I walked into the traquil building and as soon as we got into the baptisimal font area I was taken back to almost two years ago in Decemeber when I did baptisms in the Palmyra, New York Temple. It had the same two small rows of pews and humble font. I smiled as I remembered being squished side by side, and was grateful for the memory.

SIDE NOTE: that happens quite often. You get really excited any time that something reminds you of home. Anything from random brand names, to things your kids say to you, to foods you find.

So that was good. The girls who were there from the ward were adorable too. There were three 12 year old hispanic girls with us. As I got to know them, I learned that it was one girl's first time in the Temple and she was a bit nervous. It was so cute and I couldn't help but think back about my first temple trip and how I was really glad to go with a few of my friends who turned 12 around the same time as me, so I wasn't alone in not knowing what was going to happen.

It's not really that scary though. It's a very special place where you can go to learn more about yourself, feel closer to God, and feel closer to those who have passed away. It's a heaven on earth.

 The Zocalo's in the cities here are always so cool. They usually have the main church and a garden in this area. 
I wish I may, I wish I might...
The artwork that goes into these catholic churches always amazes me. It is different from our own Temples 
but it is still an amazing feat that people were able to put this much work into something they believed in. 

I love to see the temple, and I love my life like crazy

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