Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 64: Major Updates

Been a while. I'm already on day 64?? What?!?! No way I've been here two months! Wasn't I lost and dazed in a Mexican Airport just yesterday? Goodness, time does fly. So here's the past adventures in pictures. Cause that's how I roll ya'll!

Party like a Rockstar on your B-day!

They really liked my Pikachu pipe-cleaner things. lol 

Mamma, this is for you. Love you!

Watching the "cat sail" video. So fascinating!


And it was SO DELICIOUS.

Cause it's a bench with a bunch of heads. Yeah.

We don't actually know where he came from...

Movie Date! Frankenweenie!! SO CUTE!

It's a volcano. Cool huh?


Ancient Laundry Chute Slide
Hobbit Hole

SUPER STEEP! Almost didn't go back down...
Dinner and a show!

Uh-oh... where's the exit....

All I could think of the whole time was the Owls from Rango. Great Movie!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This is my new school, starting in January. Thanks to all those who believed in me and kept telling me to keep trying. Love ya'll! And LOVE LIKE CRAZY!

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  1. Yayyyyyyyyy Madi!! U r so amazing and beautiful. I'm so happy for u!!!! Good for u being our inspiration to never give up on our dreams !!!!! Xoxo Love u lots!!!