Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 68: Happy Halfway Day

So today was a little strange. 
It started out as a normal day. Went to teach in the morning and the kids were relatively good today. Filled out some forms. Watched some Bones. Then, in a sudden craving for pastries, went to a nearby Panaderia for some pan (bread) with the other teachers. 

I get some cookies, sourdough roll, and a sugar coated roll (all for 5 pesos! YAY) and then the cashier says:

"You like cake?"

Me (a little confused): Yes? 

And he reaches down and gives us a cake. It's not huge but it's big enough that it will satisfy all seven of us. He just hands it to me. Like didn't charge us at all! 


"Yeah, You taste, and tell me if it is good, or if it is better than good."

This guy totally made our day. 

So as I'm walking back to the school, holding this cake, wondering what we have to celebrate on this day. Then it occurred to me. Happy Halfway Point. We've been here for about two months and are leaving in about two months. 

So we ate cake to celebrate!!! And it was so delicious, I forgot to take a picture. Oh well. 

After being thoroughly satisfied with this surprise, I began reflecting on all my favorite moments while being here in Tehuacan. There have been quite a few actually but here are some of my favorites.

1. Puerto Escondido. Need I say more? This guera's heart belongs to the sea. Always has and always will.

2. Getting a package from home! My mom rocks. Kinda love her like crazy. 

3. Oaxaca Temple trip. Even when everything is in spanish, the spirit you feel is universal. 

4. Being sung to in English by my host family and their family friends. Once you've been in a place for so long that doesn't speak english, you appreciate anything you get. 

5. Sister bonding while watching movies in spanish. As well as host family bonding while spending time together, me learning the language, and they learning how they think typical Americans act. 

6. Making movies with my Elementary Kids. They're really creative, funny, and adorable. I need to invest in my brother's help to complete the movie. *Note to self: Talk to Logan*

7. Skyping my family. Logan being a dork, Mom laughing, and shade trying to figure out where in the world my voice is coming from. 

8. Discovering that Netflix in Mexico is a bazillion times better than in the States. Go figure. 

9. Discovering a whole new world outside of my small little towns. Realizing that I am so privileged to do so when so many people will only know what they've always known their entire lives. Honestly, I've learned so much culture and gained a whole new appreciation for small things like language and peanut butter. But then again, I've always loved peanut butter. 

10. It's not over yet. I'm only halfway done and it's exciting to think that adventure still lies around the corner! I guess it always will for me though. I am always in search of an adventure. 

Just another love like crazy day. In Mexico. Life is good. :)

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