Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 76a: Lunes en la manana....

It's Monday Morning. We all know what that means. That beginning of the day that doesn't always go perfectly, but we get through it anyways. The beginning of the day where it's best to explicitly look for the good things in the midst of the Monday Blues.

Here are some things that have made my Monday Morning a little better.
1. I'm a pokemon trainer today. In honor the holiday, this week is officially:
I shall be dressing up as something different for the next three days (since we don't have school Thursday or Friday).
Today I am a pokemon trainer. GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!

2. The kids in Discovery joined me in my pokemon quest as we made the first step by making pokeballs. They're so stinkin' cute when they behave.

3. This video. Dying laughing.

4. I brought my Pikachu to school. So essentially, I had a pillow in school. BEST IDEA EVER.

5. An email from my mom and a missionary. :) Yay.

It's not even over. ;) More fun things planned today. Don't worry, there will be pictures. Lots of pictures.

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