Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 78: HALLOWEEN!!!

Today, in Discovery, we had four teachers, which made for a fun, party day. For Halloween, all the teachers dressed up as Angry Birds. Honestly, I've only played the game like twice and I'm not a huge fan; however, it was pretty fun to see the kids go nuts over our shirts. Just wait till you see the completed look...

 Before we got ready for the rest of the day, we took a trip to this crazy market. All the stores had either bread, those chocolate skull things, or those candles. And flowers. Lots of flowers. It was pretty cool and the samples of bread were really good. They also have these balls that taste like toasted or baked coconut that taste SUPER good. Which is bad, cause now I'll want to buy them more often. 

I honestly love how they paint on the walls. It's not grafitti, it's more like advertising. It's normal. And awesome. Mostly awesome. 

Then arriving back at the school, I noticed this puny, little, sprinkler. Of course I had to jump through it. Wouldn't you? Me and Sophia also got bread from the nearby Panaderia. It's awesome. Yeah, I think I've talked about this place before. Today they had some Dia de los Muertes bread and so I got a little person. He looks like he's dancing. And reminds me of a certain store in Portland that sells things kinda like this in pink boxes...

 Then we got ready... 

And then kids started coming...

For my activity, I taught all the kids the thriller dance. I danced to thriller for four hours today. It was so fun though. And then at the very end, our Elementary classes performed it for everyone. They did so good and I'm so proud of them for dancing in front of a crowd and doing so well!

More pics to be posted on facebook. 
After that, I'll have more. Tomorrow, we're off to Taxco and Cuernavaca for the four day weekend. Time for another Vacay! 

But anyways. I love Halloween Like CRAZY!

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