Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 75: Big Green Tractor

Saturday Sum Up - I stayed in bed all day until about 4 and then we went to a birthday party. There I learned to dance Banda and Cumbia (tradicional dances). They're actually really fun to do. And I also did karaoke. I sang "Feelin' Good" - Micheal Buble. And found out that I can sing that song pretty well. So I sang, danced, laughed, and ate cake. :) Good Saturday night. 

Ricky and Me

Mamma and Baby

Sunday was good. I got to go to church, then I got to hang with mi familia and their amigos all day. Which, it's been a while so I'm glad. We went to this fair where I was delighted to find tractors and cows. :) I hadn't realized how much I missed seeing these on a daily basis whenever I drove home. But I do. I really do. Country life is the life for me.

It was funny seeing mi familia all facinated about the cows, like they'd never seen them before. Then it hit me, they probably haven't! Tehuacan is far from a country town... or even area. It's a serious city. Poor little Camila was scared of the cows... and the goats and chickens. Pretty much all the animals. 

After the animals, we went to this party at a restaurant in the park. Here I had a traditional dish from Tehuacan called "Mole de Caderas" which is different depending on what restaurant you go to, but mine was more of a soup. 

Look at those bones. It was pretty good, just a little spicy. I've learned that when I ask if something is spicy and they say "No, no pica." It really means it's kinda spicy. When they say "Si, es pica." It means don't touch it with your tounge or it will catch on fire. So everything is perpetually spicy. I should just stop asking. Dessert was really good. Calabaza Dulce (sweet pumpkin). It tastes like pumkin pie that's been soaked in a cinnomon sauce it's whole life. 

And that drink... I'm still not sure what it is. I only had one sip, convinced that my parents and their friends are only trying to make me drink alcohol. It's some sort of fruity cream drink. That's all I can deduce. 

Dinner and a show! Five points to Gryffindor if you can name the song. 

Then after the meal, I helped ricky make a pumpkin. It was actually his homework project. I was happy to bring some true halloween culture to them. Although the pumpkin selection is less than desireable, we made it work and I think it turned out just fine. 

Definatly a good weekend. :) Love Life Like Crazy!

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