Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 11: Mi Familia en Mexico!

Ok, I skipped a couple days but mostly it was traveling, training for teaching, and getting settled in Tehuacan, and I forgot the rest. Kind of boring stuff. And today was a good day so I wanted to write about it before I forgot it. 
Today was a pretty good Sunday for me! I got to go to church and lucky me it's only a five minute walk away from my house! I got there and it was kinda funny cause I was the ONLY blonde in the building. Oh wait, there was one other. It was one of the missionaries. Actually, he walked in and saw me, and his eyes got really wide like he was surprised to see a white girl.

Sacrament meeting was really good and I understood some of it... ok not too much but a bit. Then the missionaries told me where Gospel Doctrine and Relief Society met. In gospel doctrine I met a lady who was from Idaho Falls who was kind enough to sit with me and help translate for me. She had the cutest little kid you ever did see! 
The lessons were good. We were in Helaman 13-16 and the talk from last conference called "Sacrifice" by Elder Oaks. We talked about where your heart is and the sacrifices that we make as members of the church. It was good even though I didn't understand a whole lot of it.

After Church, mi hermona y yo watched the hunger games. To help with her english, we watched it in english with spanish subtitles. It's still a good movie the second time around. It was my sister's first time seeing it though so she was worried the whole time that Katniss wouldn't make it! Yeah, it actually scared me a little too... even though I knew what was coming. Funny how movies can do that. 

After the movie we went on a little drive up to the mountains to play with one of the family's friends. We went to this restaurant that was pretty cool. I call it the secret restaurant because when you drive up to it, it just looks like an ordinary general store. BUT in the back, is the entrance that opens up to a nice restaurant. I thought it was cool. I tried Pozole for the first time. My host dad loves it and they told me it was only a little spicy. So, me and my tender taste buds decided to get adventurous. 
That isn't my picture but it is Pozole for ya'll who are wondering what the heck it even is. 
I actually really like the stuff in it. Except the broth. I would change the broth to a chicken stock and it would become my favorite soup. Closely behind clam chowder and my mom's chicken noodle soup. The broth was kind of spicy, but as you ate more and more, it felt like the spice just kept adding instead of fading away. I had to stop eating it so I wouldn't make myself sick... which was sad cause I wanted to eat it... Does anyone else ever have this problem? 
So, I learned a valuable lesson and my familia won't let me forget it. A little spicy to mexicans is REALLY spicy for me. I'm proud of myself for trying it though. Just had a thought: Chandler would LOVE it. 

We got up to the park in the mountains called Puerto del aire and it was SO BEAUTIFUL!

Mi y mis hermanas
Once we got out of the car, as is custom and expected, out came the futbol. We were just kicking it around but then we started a game. Me and mi papa vs Daniel (the family friend) and Leslie. 

Not to brag or anything, but me and papa totally won after a awesome comeback. Woo!

Then we went walking through the foliage and saw some pretty amazing sites from on top of this mountain. It reminds me of Oregon... just different trees and bigger hills. 

The coolest part about being up that high? It feels like you're touching the clouds. At one point, we were actually in a cloud as it rolled in and you could feel it in the air! Too cool. I've always secretly wanted to touch the clouds and now I have!

Holly (dog), Daniel, Leslie, Me, Camila, y Mama
I call her Sugar. She's too sweet!

This picture gets to be explained. Me and Leslie bust up laughing every time we see it. So what had happened was we were playing a little futbol before we left and I don't know why, but Leslie decided to pick up a stick at the same time me and mama were posing for a picture. Somehow, that stick got tangled up in my hair, and when Leslie went to throw it on the ground, I went with it. Best part was, this all happened right as papa took the picture. Still laughing... but maybe it was a "you had to be there" moment.  

I love spending Sundays with family. No matter what part of the world I'm in. It's always fun to laugh, play, and bond with those people who are near and dear to you. I plan on doing things like this with my own future family. As our family says, "A family that plays together, stays together."... and "Long live the Dinosaur!" But that's a different story. 

So all is well in beautiful Mexico. Loving it like crazy. :)


  1. I love hearing your adventures! Makes me sad and glad. Sad you're not with me but glad you are having this experience!

    1. I am glad for the experience too but always know that you're my favorite Momma and I'll always be you're favorite daughter. Love you to the moon and back!

  2. Madison..that is so awesome you are having that experience! Even as far away that you are, you are loved and missed by all of us!! Tu fotos es muy bueno y te gusta mucho! I am excited for you to learn a different culture and language!
    Te extrano..y abrazos y besitos para tu..mucho mucho! Te amo Madison!

  3. It's sounds like you are having a great time... just don't enjoy it too much that you don't want to come back home!

  4. Madi I'm so enjoying reading your adventures to the bambinos at dinner! We love to hear how amazing your family is there! But I have to keep reassuring the mija and mijo that you will come back to our family ! We love you mucho !!!! Keep the writing it helps us feel like you're sorta close still ! Te amo mi muy bonita Madi!!
    Love 3silly monkeys !!!