Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 6: Total Tourist

Today was definatly a tourist day. We woke up and started to... 

wait for it...

let the suspense build...

Site seeing. Oh yeah. 

Even better we found...

A flea market. And Ponchos. Yeah. We're cool. No really, we're just tourists. 

Most of this post will just be pictures. Not a whole lot to say actually. The most we saw were streets and cathedrals. They were pretty awesome. 

There was lots of really awesome wall art around the streets. This is just the coolest one I saw. And the Rainbow Door. We were loving that.

This girl would not leave us alone. There's lots of peddlers who come up to you (with most of the same things) and will try to get you to buy something. Most of the time we can get away with saying "No, gracias." But this girl was either persistent, or didn't understand us. So in hopes to kind of scare her, I took a picture. She wasn't looking so it didn't really work. She eventually left but now I have a picture. The kids here are pretty darn cute. 
I have to explain that the picture with us walking was incredibly hard to do! We did this picture probably four or five times. All the while, these guys found us quite amusing as I went back and forth to see if the picture turned out. I was a little embarrassed but we got the picture. Mission accomplished. 

Most people who see us must think we are so weird for taking so many pictures. This was supposed to say "Friends 4 ever". You can see the 4 ever part. Just a reminder of the great friendships we're already making on this trip! 

The find of the day? Harem pants. No joke, I really got them and they're super comfy. Mine even have silver thread in them so they kind of sparkle. I'm a total sucker for sparkle. And comfort. Janessa and I got some. Success. :)

For dinner, we were in search of a supposed Tai Restaurant that was apparently really good. But we didn't find it. However, we did find Falafel and that was REALLY good. Falafel with veggies and humus all stuffed into a fresh made pita bread. Even though it's not Mexican, still delicious.

They had this really cool mural on the wall with things written in different languages. Most of them were "thank you" and "delicious". 
I found one word that I know in a different language (besides spanish). 
"Tack" means thank you in Swedish. :)

That car made everyone's day. Of course we would freak over a car with a big Auto-bots sticker on the front of it. Wouldn't you? Ok maybe not, but hey, it's still a good memory.
Autobots, Roll out!

As it was getting dark we headed to the last Church before heading back to the hostel. There were quite a few steps to get to the top of it, but the view was pretty incredible. While sitting and gazing out over the city (there were even a few lightning flashes was in the distance), we sat in silence and pondered. I don't know what the other girls were thinking but I was thinking about the view. It reminded me of long drives with my family when we would go for miles without seeing a city and then all of the sudden there would be lights in the distance. I was always mesmerized by the lights. I don't know why. 
After sitting for a while we decided that we should all tell stories. First, we started with embarrassing ones. No, I won't tell them but they were definatly funny. Then we started talking more and more and I could feel the bonding. Funny how talking is the real way to bond. If you want to get closer with someone, talk with them. Ask them their thoughts, and listen. It's becoming my favorite thing to do. 

There's something about this place. It's making me see the world not necessarily in a different way, but more of how similar everything is. I mean, the USA isn't too different from Mexico probably because of how close they are, but it isn't as strange as I thought it would be. Maybe I'm still in the honeymoon stage of culture shock, but I also feel kind of at home here. Don't worry mom, I'll still come back, but the only thing out of place about me and Mexico is the fact that I'm blonde and speak very little spanish. Although I don't plan on becoming a brunette anytime soon, I hope to learn more spanish in the coming months. 

I love what I'm learning out here. The things I'm seeing, the people I meet, the friends I've already made, it's all a wonderful experience. And it's not even close to being over! I'm so excited for the rest of my journey and the growth I will hopefully gain from it all. :)

Just another day where I remember the things that make me love life like crazy


  1. Another fun day! So glad you're having so many great adventures! Just remeber to stick with your friends and stay safe! I love you!!!!!

  2. This is Awesome Madi! I love all the cool pics and history. I don't even have to go you did such a good job describing them, now I can just learn from your blog... vicariously living thru my adventurous niece! Love it! Keep it coming and be safe! Mi Cortizone es Madi! (I think) don't quote me on that! HA

  3. p.s. Your cool Aunt wants some of those comfy awesome pants too!!!!