Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 15: New Discoveries

These past few days of teaching have been pretty fun. Besides sometimes not having kids at all, the days I do have kids, they are pretty good for me! I like teaching the older kids and having pretty decent conversations with them. I also enjoy teaching a lot of different subjects... This makes me wonder if I should go into K-6 teaching... that's new discovery #1.
Discovery #2. Kids here like the Muppets more than Sesame Street. Good to know for future learning videos. 
I made another discovery. I was craving chocolate today. I didn't know this though until one of the little girls brought in a chocolate bar and said it was for me. As soon as I realized what it was, I was pretty delighted to have chocolate. The other discovery as I ate it later, things either taste better here or better in America. Chocolate here is better. However, wafers are not. But that's ok. It was still a good chocolate bar. 
Another discovery I made about food was definatly a surprise to me. I was eating a really good soup mi mama had made and there were these pieces of what tasted like dense popcorn. I asked what they were and she told me they were Garbanzo Beans. REALLY??? I'd gone through my whole life never trying them and thinking they would be gross. Turns out, I like Garbanzo Beans. Go figure. 
And the discoveries keep coming!! I looked on Netflix because I was kind of bored and a little sick one night and I found that the movies on the Netflix channel in Mexico are 1 Million times better than the movies in the USA! Or Netflix just got a deal with disney and The Back to the Future people. Yesterday's movie? Back to the Future III with spanish subtitles. Woo! Tonight's movie? The Swan Princess! I love everything about this movie. It's funny, witty, and the music is pretty awesome. 
So that's my day today. Pretty good. I'm excited for friday though. :) Tomorrow's discovery will be on how to use the Kombi. Wish me luck!! 
Still lovin life like crazy

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