Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 3: Surf's Up!

Is it wrong to say that I'm in love when it's only my second day in this city? Seriously, I could live here. The beach, the weather, the architecture, the ocean... the ocean. It calls my name, I swear. But anyways. 

The day was perfect. We slept in (Yay!) and had a couple hours before our surfing lessons, so we decided to explore! We found a lot of really cool houses...
I decided I loved the stairs and the various balconies in this house. And the fact that it's orange-ish. I want a bright colored house. Think I could pull it off in the states? ;)

We also met some animal friends along our way.

That little guy to the right is actually not so little. He was probably the biggest reptile I've ever seen (outside of a Zoo). Pretty cool, but I was glad we only crossed paths for a little bit. 

The dog was a little guy who came out of no where just to bark at us. I thought it was funny how he was up on the roof. It's actually a kind of common place that dogs appear. I guess with a view like he had, I'd stay up there too. 

After traveling around we found my paradise. I'm pretty sure I was the first one in the water. As I ran in and started playing in the waves, it occurred to me that I was not cold. This took a second to sink in that the water I was swimming in was actually really warm!! After years of swimming in freezing Oregon ocean water, I had gotten used to the idea that my limbs would go numb as soon as I hit the water. But this... this was the kind ocean water that a girl like me could get used to. :)
After playing around, we decided to sit in some of the chairs and the cutest Hispanic girl came up to us offering food and drinks. We were hungry so why not? I got a Limonada and some Empanadas. The best part? The glasses they came in were HUGE. My friend in the picture (Amanda) got natural coconut water. Maybe we shouldn't have been so surprised when they came out with a coconut and a straw! That's going on the bucket list: Some sort of drink from a coconut. 

So after falling in love with the beach, we went back to our hostel to get our ride to the surfing place. When we got picked up, the guy took us to a little surf shop where we got our boards. From there, we walked back to the beach we had just been at! Usually this wouldn't be a problem, but to get to the beach there is a very steep set of 160 stone steps. Carrying surf boards down was not the easiest of tasks. But we did it! 

We got in the water and started paddling out with our instructors. We did some balancing things and after a few falls, finally got the hang of it a little. Then it was time for the real deal. My instructor got me all set up for this perfect wave. I started paddling, got a good shove from him and.... I was riding a wave! I stood up on the board and rode that wave, the whole while feeling like supergirl! Of course I was not the best one out there but I think I surprised my instructors. 
(little secret: this isn't my first time surfing. But it's been a while)

Sophia stayed behind to take pictures (total trooper!) and so I will need to get those from her tomorrow. Don't worry, I have actually proof that I got up and surfed those waves! 

Those red bumps? Bugs. Why??
After about 2 hours of surfing, my arms felt like they were going to fall off from all the paddling, so I headed for the beach. We chilled there till everyone was done and then headed back to the Hostel.

By this time, we were all so tired, I don't know how we were able to get through the rest of the night. But we did do some more exploring in search of an ATM and food. Both were successful. :) Yay more limonada! I suggest the mineral verison. It's pretty good. Food wise, I actually was lame and had a hamberguesa de polla y papas (Chicken Burger and fries). Yeah. That's so american, I know. But I figure I'll be having Mexican for the next four months, I might as well get it while I can. However, I have found a new favorite condiment for my fries. Lime juice. They give you a bowl of limes and bowls of salsa at every restaurant we've been to, kinda like how there's ketchup and salt in every american restaurant. It's good but so far the salsas have all been a little too spicy for me... Hopefully I'll get used to it. 

And now I'm just sitting here finishing up this post! Tomorrow's forcast calls for a 6:30 am fishing trip, check out of puerto escondido and head on a bus to our next destination. So, I don't know when the next post will be, but don't worry. :)

That's all for now... Just another day in a town I already Love Like Crazy!

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