Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 4: Something's Fishy

Day 4 
The day was promising... we woke up at the crack of dawn to ride in the back of a pickup to el playa marina to get on a boat and go deep see fishing. We were not the only ones up as you can see...

While waiting for the boat to get in the water, we were standing around and out of no where this guy comes and brings us a new friend... or maybe he was meant to be breakfast or something. Meet Swordy. We couldn't figure out what kind of fish he was... but that thing I'm holding onto is it's lip. Ew. We ended up leaving him on the beach when the boat was ready to go. I mean what else do you do with a tiny swordfish? Stick it in your purse? No, gracias. 
So we get on the boat and we start going. There were a couple other girls from the states riding with us. They were super nice and were down in Mexico building schools. Go volunteer work! 
We kept going farther out into the open ocean and I couldn't help but feel at peace. There's something about looking out at a horizon and not seeing any land that makes me wish I was born a sailor. Or a pirate. Pirates are cool. 

Soon, the driver started waving and pointing out on our right. Janessa (one of the girls in my group) saw it first. A dolphin! This one was very far away though and it was a miracle I even caught it on camera. Hopeful that we would see more, I (and everyone else I'm sure) kept a vigilant watch on the water. 

More dolphins!! They were super close to our boat and I was able to go out to the bow and get some shots of the majestic creatures. There were about 4 or 5 that swam alongside our boat. I was pretty satisfied at this point.

 Little did I know what was yet to come. 
We even saw some turtles! I'm guessing that it was mating season... 

However... to my surprise, as we pass by these turtles, one of the guides grabs the top one and sets it on the boat. The last time I saw sea turtles, it was illegal to touch them so I didn't really know what to do. Then they motioned us to come and touch them. NO WAY! I was the first up and it was very interesting. His shell had some barnacles on it but otherwise it was very smooth. His skin was also soft but more scaley. Kind of like snake skin. So now I can say that not only have I swam with turtles, but I've touched one. :) 

My bucket list keeps getting smaller with every day I spend here. 

After this adventure, it was time to go back... But we took a long way for some fishing. By this time, the waves were not doing us any good and most of us got queasy. We finally made it back to shore and headed back to the hostel. After packing up, we headed out for one last expedition of the beach in search of...

The henna guy. We found him. Actually he found us while we were sitting enjoying drinks. Sometimes it's nice when peddlers come to you. That is if they're the ones you want. 

So we all got one. Yay! And then it was time to say goodbye to Puerto Escondido. :( Not yay. 

Before going, we ate at one last restaurant. Let me tell you now that I was... Not adventurous at all. 
That's right. I found the peanut butter that supposedly didn't exist in Mexico. And it was delicious. So worth it. 

After a wonderful meal, we hopped on a bus to Tuxlta. I'll give you more details tomorrow. Computer is about to die. 

Just another loving mexico like crazy day!! :)

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