Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scripture Power: Week 2 Day 3

So today was more successful than yesterday. I was able to use my scripture! Whilst talking with a good friend of mine, he said he was having some troubles deciding what to do in his life to make him the happiest. So I asked, "Have you inquired of the Lord?" Yes, yes I totally used scripture in everyday life! It's actually not that hard when you're thinking about it. If the scripture is in your head, I feel you are more likely to use it. So this memorizing stuff is actually applicable. Sad that I'm learning this when I'm 20 right? Oh well, better late than never right? Onto today's scripture and tomorrows application. 
Ok, now these thumbnails are just getting ridiculous. Anyways. I like this scripture a lot again for simplicity, but also because of it's usefulness. I also enjoy whenever the Savior speaks. This is also one of my favorite stories. Here is a picture of what happens after Jesus says "Be not afraid, only believe."
This picture is very inspiring to me. You can see what Christ meant by "only believe." I also would like to note that this probably only happened because her parents believed in Christ. Today our parents worry about us and later in life (like WAY later...) I'll worry about my children as well. If I believe in Christ though, he will be able to keep me and my children safe. That is very comforting. I'm sure it's comforting to my mom too (Love you momma!). I also find it comforting to know that even though things may seem hopeless, they will get better if I "only believe" and not let my fears get in the way of my progression in life. Fear is definitely something that holds me back occasionally. But this weakness humbles me and helps me turn to Christ (remember Ether 12:27?) 

So that's your thought for the day. I'll try to use it tomorrow! :D 
Just another Love Like Crazy moment!

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