Friday, January 20, 2012

Scripture Power: Week 2 Day 4

Ok. Word of warning. This will either be a touching video, or a boring video. I didn't actually want to post this but I did like my very small testimony at the very end (you can just skip to the end if you'd like). I also like this scripture. I've already told you my view on 3 Nephi. So... here it is. The product of a long day and a late night.
I had forgotten about my scripture thing completely until like 30 minutes ago. I almost didn't do a thought but then I thought back on one of my favorite quotes from "Time Out for Women" (see post about it). It says, if you remember, if you are too busy for scriptures, then you are busier than God wants you to be. So I guilt tripped myself into doing this. Sad, but it worked. And I got a fairly good scripture thought from it. So I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Even a few minutes of sleep. So goodnight all. Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow. 
Just another Love Like Crazy moment at 1 in the morning!! 

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