Monday, January 16, 2012

Scripture Power: Week 2

So this week I am going to continue to memorize scriptures but take a brave step and try to use it in conversation at least once during the day. It may be a bit easier now that I'm in BYU-Idaho, but none the less, its definitely out of my comfort zone. 
More on the scripture that I totally cheated on... It was definitely needed in my life. Like I said, the whole "have faith in me" part is what stands out the most to me. Living by faith kind of goes hand in hand with my becoming courageous challenge. I can't do it by myself. But I can do it with Christ's help. It will be hard. It's already been a little challenging and that's a good thing. The most important part is that it is possible. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be better. And I'm certainly thankful for the scriptures. And wonderful friends who inspire me. :D
Just another Love Like Crazy moment for me!

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